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My name is Tamara Hughes. I write out-of-the-ordinary historical romances (American set or pirate) and paranormal romances with unique supernatural elements. My books are fast-paced and action-packed, with lots of humor and romance.


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Even disguised as a boy, Cora Baker still struggles to earn enough money to survive on her own. It’s hard enough that she has to deal with unruly drunks at work, but now she’s been evicted from her apartment. Still grieving the loss of her family, she yearns for a ray of hope during this dark time in her life.

Jesse King lives alone, and he likes it that way. He doesn’t want anyone to depend on him—he fears he’s too much like his bastard of a father. When he finds a homeless lad sleeping in the hallway, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. Then he remembers the family who helped him and his mother when he was a boy and reluctantly offers the lad a place to stay.

When Jesse discovers Cora’s true identity, he’s conflicted. Despite their mutual attraction and his need to protect her, he resists the desire to deepen their relationship. Will Jesse face his fears or lose the woman who has filled his heart and his home?

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Yay! Courting Fire is now available for sale on Amazon! (This book is also Free in the Kindle Unlimited program.)


Can Jack protect Mattie from the powerful magnate who will do whatever it takes to keep his crimes a secret?

Boston suffragist, Mattie Duncan is a willful, independent woman whose heart has always belonged to Jack Taylor, a local firefighter. Challenging nineteenth-century conventions, she finds a way to join Jack’s fire station. Not only can she make a difference saving lives, she can spend time with Jack, who is tasked with training her.

Jack has always been attracted to Mattie, but he doesn’t see a future with her. In Jack’s mind, she will always be tied to his late brother, who had loved her desperately. To make matters worse, Jack is also still racked with guilt over not being able to prevent his brother’s death.

Mattie overhears a conversation suggesting his brother was murdered. As Jack and Mattie work together to uncover the truth, their passions ignite. But even if Jack’s guilt is absolved, can he overcome the sense of betrayal toward his brother that’s keeping them apart?


All three of the books in the Love on the High Seas series are now available as audiobooks! These stories are narrated by Gareth Richards, so if you enjoy listening to British accents, give these pirate romances a try! They’re all available on as well as at most audio retailors!

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All of my historicals are also now on the KISS app! This includes  Once Upon a Masquerade and all three books in the Love on the High Seas series! Yay!


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Have you ever wondered how easy it is to rip a button-down shirt off someone? I blog about this experiment (complete with a video) and others on Past The Mirror.

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