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My name is Tamara Hughes, and my most recent release is His Pirate Seductress, a Georgian romance with a female pirate.

HPS_1600With her son’s life in the balance, Catherine Fry is forced to locate and steal the priceless Ruby Cross of the Knights Templar. She knows who has it—it’s just a matter of coercing Thomas Glanville, the handsome and incredibly stubborn captain of the ship she’s captured, into telling her the exact location. Fortunately, Catherine knows that there are many ways to get a man to talk…

Captain Thomas Glanville has the cross and he’ll be damned if he’s going to hand it over now that he finally has the means to buy a ship of his own. He’s at the mercy of a fiery woman who will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. But Catherine has no idea who she’s dealing with—and Thomas has his own means of charming a woman into his mercy and his bed…

Here’s an excerpt…

If only she could bring him low in a different way. Hurt his precious pride. She pulled her dagger from her belt.

“Will you attempt to cut me again?”

She yanked the tails of his white shirt from his breeches, and his eyes widened for an instant.

“What are you planning?”

Catherine bristled at the amusement in his voice. He could laugh all he wanted when he stood tied to a wall utterly naked. A little humiliation might do him good.

She sliced through the material of his shirt, first up the front, then down each sleeve. Pulling the fabric from him and dropping it to the floor, she studied his well-muscled chest, sculptured curves, and smooth skin. The sight dried her throat, and she had to swallow to regain some moisture. She hadn’t seen a man’s bare chest in ages, and this one was by far the most tempting she’d seen in her life. She itched to reach out and slide her hand over the wide expanse. The mere thought tickled deep in her belly.

She peered into his face, and sharp eyes glared back, all humor gone, replaced by annoyance. Good. Now he might take her seriously. “Where has your wit gone?” she taunted.

Their stares locked, she removed his belt and freed the buttons of his breeches as a muscle tensed in his jaw. She felt a bulge in his pocket, and investigated the source. A silver pocket watch, on its lid an intricate painting of a ship at sea. Exquisite, and undoubtedly very valuable. Glanville pinned her with a look of pure fury. The watch must be significant to him. She slipped the piece into her pocket, to be used later as needed.

Catherine lowered her knife to his waist. Glanville’s dark gaze watched her every move. The top of his breeches open, she slid her blade between his skin and the fabric. He shivered and his hips drew back the barest inch. “Don’t move,” she chided, satisfaction bringing a smile to her lips.

He growled in response, the sound low and guttural, and bumps rose along her flesh. She cut the material away in an easy stroke from waist to knee, then completed the task on his other leg. He drew in a shaky breath as she tugged the shredded breeches from his body. His lower half was as magnificent as the rest of him. Strong, muscular thighs and an impressive erection that made her insides pool with warmth. Dear Lord. Was she torturing this man or herself? Blushing, she quickly removed his hose, and stepped away to steady her pulse.

His humiliation complete—and hers as well—she demanded, “Tell me what I want to know.”

A cocksure smile tugged at his lips again. “Or what? You’ll pleasure me?”

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