Editing Services

Editing Sale!!!

Life has been difficult for everyone these days! To keep me busy and make life a little easier for you, I’m reducing my rates up to 25%! 

My strengths:

  • I’m very detail oriented and thorough
  • I’ve been writing and critiquing for over a decade
  • I currently work as a developmental & copy editor for Soul Mate Publishing
  • I have 7 books published
  • I’ll give you honest feedback, but not in a way that is overly harsh

“Tamara is the consummate professional. She works well with our authors, communicates in a timely fashion, has a keen eye for detail, and helps authors with both story development and copy editing. She has a warm, kind approach, which makes working with her an enjoyable experience.” ~ Debby Gilbert, publisher, Soul Mate Publishing

“Tamara Hughes has worked on several projects with me, and I highly recommend her. She’s thorough, insightful, professional, prompt, and reasonably priced.” ~ Barbara Longley, Amazon bestselling author

“Tamara has a great eye for detail and catches things I’ve missed over and over. Best of all, her suggestions are made with a smile I may not see, but I know is there.” ~ Pamela Gibson, Award-winning author

The services I provide:
Developmental Editing (For Romance Novels only):

.01-.015/word .0075-.012/word

Includes a review of…

  • overall story structure
  • character GMC
  • inner character growth
  • pacing
  • conflict/tension

Also includes stylistic editing:

  • identifying areas that can be changed for deeper POV
  • rewording of awkward or confusing sentences
  • suggestions for improving passive writing


.00625-.01/word .0050-.0075/word

Includes checks for consistency, grammar usage, punctuation, typos, etc.

Comprehensive Editing Package:

.015-.023/word .011-.015/word

Includes both developmental editing and copy editing.

Note: Research of story subject matter isn’t included in any of these services.

Payments will be made through PayPal in two installments. 50% up front and 50% after the first round of editing is complete.

The cost will be agreed upon before I begin and is based on how much time will be needed to complete the work, estimated from seeing a sample from your manuscript.

The manuscript should be saved as an electronic Microsoft Word document in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch side margins, and indented paragraphs. Track Changes will be used in the editing process.

If you’d like a quote, contact me using the form below.